Kakashi Susanoo Women Beach Shorts


Designed for maximum flexibility and active lifestyle!

There are many times when the better and mightier warrior would choose to settle the conflict not by completely crushing the enemy, but by ensuring that the outcome is not dictated by the opponent. This is particularly true of the noble and modest Kakashi Hatake, a ninja warrior whose appearance belies just how powerful he really is. This immense power is made even more potent by the fact that Kakashi Hakate is an advocate of ending conflicts quickly, and in the most humane way possible. This is reflected when he manifests his Susanoo, a chakra-powered energy body that protects even from the deadliest of attacks. Kakashi’s Susanoo, unlike those of others who could also manifest their own version of it, is capable of using Kamui shuriken, which warps away anyone hit by it, ending any needless combat with the least violence and bloodshed. Get your powerful and nonviolent gear now with the Kakashi Susanoo Women Beach Shorts.
This handmade pair of shorts was built to be worn, over and over again, wash after wash, with it none the worse for wear. The print and color will fade away, flake, or peel, thanks to an innovative high-definition sublimation printing technique that affixes the print and color into each strand of the fabric itself. The combination of careful hand-crafting and good choice of material has made this pair of shorts highly resistant to wrinkling, shrinking, abrasion damage, and even mildew.
The better of fighters will always be the one who avoids it, or if it is unavoidable, makes sure it is ended with the least amount of conflict, violence, and unnecessary bloodshed. This is how Kakashi Hatake has done it, and it has always worked to his favor so far.

Handmade to perfection
Resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, abrasion & mildew
Machine washable
Easy to care
High-definition sublimation printing technique 
Sizes are in US sizing
Our apparels are all Hand-Made. hence, please allow a 5% tolerance in terms of color brightness (on-off screen) as well as sewing alignment.


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Kakashi Susanoo Women Beach Shorts